We helped our clients to acquire more than 250 projects.
While our clienrs are "semantic" experts and often sector leaders, we are experts of the horizontal "syntax" of writing successful project proposals and in buiding the right alchemy required by the specific programme.

We acquired projects in the following programmes:

FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020,  eTen, eContentPlus,  eHealth, eLearning, Leonardo, Inno, Craft, SustDev, Life, Justice, Environment, Inco, Intelligent Energy, Marco Polo, EuropeAID, @LIS, Eureka, AsiaIT&C, Asia-Invest, Asia-Link, Interreg, Structural Funds, CIP, Italian and European tenders


Examples of acquired projects:

UCAT, BAMPE, QAGEING, ADDPRiV, ALICE, CASCADE, S4EEB, ELIH-MED, SomedAll, TELL ME, RADICAL, ILLUMINATE, VITAL, INTERTRUST, DREAM, STRATEGIC, PORTI, STRATEGIC, WEENMODELS, edutubeplus, ePosBed, H-CIM, LIMNOS, SmartSun, Socionical, Tool-TIPPS, ANSWER, COIN, CONSEQUENCE, GEMOM, HERMES, PLAYMANCER, REMINE, eParticipate, Mapres, Music, 3S, Aristhot, AsInfo, Chemomentum, Ecospace, GridTrust. Incontext, Isaac, OpenInterface...


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